David McMurtry drives the McMurtry Spéirling

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The McMurtry Spéirling in Action

Earlier this month, the Spéirling took a special trip to an airfield in Oxfordshire for a day of testing with a very important guest driver: Sir David McMurtry.

Having been involved with the development of many technical aspects of the car, David took the wheel with confidence and a good knowledge of the vehicle’s potential.  Over two sessions in the car David achieved a very respectable top speed and also tried some launches from stationary.  The fully electric powertrain, low vehicle mass, and fan-powered downforce make these an extra exciting experience in the Spéirling!

David was delighted to drive the car that bears his name saying, “Thank you team, that was brilliant, really fun!” It was exciting to watch the eponymous owner of McMurtry Automotive enjoy the company’s creation and show how the Spéirling is inviting and exhilarating even to those who are not professional racing drivers.

Later in the day Ben McMurtry, who is one of David’s sons and also part of the senior management of McMurtry Automotive, test drove the Spéirling.  Ben must have felt instantly at home as he proceeded to achieve a personal top speed and returned with a smile on his face.

David and Ben McMurtry with the McMurtry SpéirlingBen McMurtry (left) and David McMurtry (right) with the McMurtry Spéirling

The Spéirling being a single-seater, all drives are solo by default, but radio communication allows the engineering team and pit crew to keep in touch with the driver to offer coaching and to co-ordinate the test.  The engineering minds of the McMurtry family couldn’t help evaluating the driving experience and David was in his element discussing traction control feel and making suggestions for setup improvements and future vehicle projects.

It must be quite a feeling to drive a revolutionary race car with your name on it, knowing that you made it possible for the company to deliver a significant step forward in electric vehicle performance and efficiency.

Special thanks to Mercedes Formula E team who generously invited us to share their testing space for this event.

The McMurtry Spéirling with Mercedes Formula E CarMcMurtry Spéirling with Mercedes Formula E Car
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