McMurtry operates at the leading edge of technology, working to develop the next generation of automotive innovation.

Our mission is to make the Worlds greatest small cars for the road and track.

Experience a new dimension to driving:  Compact, agile and exquisitely designed, coupled with superlative performance and record-breaking credentials.

Our first offering will deliver drivers a visceral and responsive car with an unrivalled grip on the track using forbidden technology from Formula One.

Sir David McMurtry and Thomas Yate MD of McMurtry Automotive

McMurtry Automotive was founded in 2016 out of a love for driving and a greater love for racing.

In a world where electric cars are growing in size and weight, chasing speed and range, we are boldly delivering compact vehicles with performance and range beyond compare.

Nestled in the sleepy Gloucestershire Cotswolds, McMurtry Automotive is anything but.

Committed to raising the bar for electric vehicles, we invent and prove new technologies to offer cars with unrivalled performance in dynamics, speed and range.

McMurtry Gloucestershire Cotswolds

History in the making


2016 Birth of a life long dream

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Gloucestershire, McMurtry started small.  Thomas Yates, the managing director, was headhunted from Formula One. The brief for a powerful concept car was drawn up, with a consistent focus on compact.

2017-18 Developing the Concept

In these foundational years, the first secret McMurtry vehicle was designed and built. Throughout the many challenges encountered and overcome, the potential of the concept was evident. But it was in testing the car really shone; the thrill of driving this compact single-seater had to be experienced to be believed.


2019-20 Innovating on a Theme

While the concept vehicle continued to demonstrate the beauty of small with every test, the next steps for McMurtry were in no doubt. A course was set for the stratosphere: motorsport-rivalling performance coupled with the compactness that had been such a success so far – and we called it Spéirling.

Although the coronavirus pandemic presented some unique complications, the team persevered to deliver the blueprints for the new car and start manufacturing the prototype.

2021 Secret Project Revealed to the World

  • Public Debut a Goodwood Festival of Speed July 2021 with demonstration runs by Derek Bell and Alex Summers.
  • Testing and development in the UK – predominantly Castle Combe and Donington Park.
FoS 2021 McMurtry Debut
McMurtry Automotive at Goodwood

2022 Record-Breaking Year

  • Former F1 driver signed to push on track development to full potential.
  • Testing on Silverstone F1 Grand Prix Circuit to develop unique downforce-on-demand system.
  • Motoring world stunned by Goodwood Festival of Speed outright record and first place finish. Worldwide coverage of the 39.08s run was #1 trending on Youtube.

2023 The Year We Launched The PURE

  • The first customer car revealed, the Spéirling PURE, track car.
  • Validation Prototype shown at Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  • Customer test drives.
McMurtry Spéirling PURE
McMurtry Spéirling PURE

The Future

  • Testing of Spéirling PURE Prototypes in UK and Europe.
  • Record breaking programme to demonstrate exemplary performance.