Silverstone GP Onboard with Overtakes – McMurtry Spéirling PURE VP1

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SP2 McMurtry Silverstone

Overtaking around the outside is the new normal with McMurtry Spéirling PURE fan car.

During a test session at Silverstone GP, running at 80% power and 80% downforce,  a 1:40.92 lap was achieved including 3 overtakes.   Watch the video below to ride onboard with Max Chilton.

The fan downforce is delivering extreme low speed grip.  The result is the Spéirling PURE’s apex speeds, through the tightest corners, is surpassing those from Hamilton’s F1 lap record.

It’s exciting to consider what the ultimate potential will be.


  • Spéirling PURE track car objectives
  • To bring back legendary fan car technology
  • To restore passion for small and lightweight cars
  • To make record breaking performance accessible to track driving enthusiasts.

McMurtry Company Objectives

  • McMurtry’s ambition is to become one of the world’s most prestigious and long-standing automotive brands, founded on motorsport innovation.
  • Inspired by legends of the past, we champion small and lightweight.
  • We proudly showcase British innovation and engineering design.
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