McMurtry Spéirling approved for MotorSport Vision test days at Donington Park

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McMurtry Automotive at Donington Park

Gloucestershire, 22 November 2021: In a first for electric vehicles and a step towards racing for the team, McMurtry have been granted approval for the McMurtry Spéirling to join MotorSport Vision test days at Donington Park.

As a no-limits track car, the McMurtry Spéirling is most enjoyable when driven accordingly, on test days at high quality race tracks with other race cars where all drivers are race licenced.

However, until now no EVs have been allowed on mixed test days, due to safety concerns associated with high voltage batteries impacting driver rescue and fire procedures.

McMurtry have been working closely with the management and marshalling teams at MotorSport Vision to gain approval for the Spéirling to take part in mixed test days at Donington Park.  The team at McMurtry have produced training material for the MSV marshals and equipped the Spéirling with additional safety features in order to reach approval standards. McMurtry are proud and excited to have developed the first electric track car approved for motorsport test days in the UK.

Electric vehicle only track days are known, such as the first UK EV-only track day at Llandow Circuit earlier this year, and road EVs have been approved for mixed track days for a while.  But these track days are not the pre-race test days that are most suitable and exciting for the McMurtry Spéirling.  Unlocking these superior events allows the Spéirling access to an experience of these race circuits that is a cut above the standard track day.

Another hurdle stopping electric vehicles from accessing top quality track time is down to the design of the EVs themselves.  Many EVs do not have the battery efficiency or capacity and charging capabilities to make a track or test day worth it.  McMurtry have tackled this by designing a vehicle so small, light and efficient that it has great range on track and needs fewer breaks to recharge.  Additionally the three-phase power found in most pit garages is enough to keep the car topped up between sessions, no expensive DC fast-chargers necessary.  Hence, there are no infrastructure problems with testing a McMurtry Spéirling.

Surmounting these final barriers has led to the Spéirling being perfectly suited for mixed pre-race test days and the first EV to be approved to use them.  Earlier this year the Spéirling ran alongside combustion cars at an open test day at Donington Park.  This was the first instance of an electric vehicle taking part in such an event, and is sure to be the first of many.

McMurtry thank MotorSport Vision for their support and in particular the marshals for their proactive work to make the circuit EV capable and safe for all.

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